COVID-19 Notice: Most rides and events are not happening right now. Read the guide for info and recommendations.

Everyday Rides in the time of COVID-19

In light of the current situation with COVID-19, all group rides are discourged. The calendar and reminders will continue to run for any digital rides/cycling related activities that people may want to host.

As shelter-in-place continues to extend and evolve, some rides that were postponed or scheduled may not actually happen. This an unfortunate side effect given the unprecidented situation of having to go back and cancel so many rides and events that were scheduled far in advance.

Riding tips during this pandemic

I encourage everyone to take strict precautions to social distance as much as possible and to wear handmade masks for the safety of others whenever near other people.

So much is unknown about how COVID-19 spreads, but we do know it does transmit airborne so I encourage everyone to stay off trails when others are using them and away from parks and busy areas, avoid taking unnecessary risks to avoid risk of hospitalization, stay relatively close to home, and not travel to other communities to avoid putting smaller communities at risk.