Bark Fooey

Start: Seattle
End: Vancouver BC
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Bark Fooey is a social two day ride from Seattle, WA to Vancouver, BC, with an overnight stay in Bellingham, WA. Total mileage is 100 miles the first day and 75 miles the second day. It is mostly flat with a few random hills thrown in for fun.

Our route very loosely follows that of the RSVP on the first day, but diverges a great deal on day two. Unlike the RSVP, We approach Vancouver from the south where the riding is easier and the bridges we cross are more exciting. We use the trail systems whenever possible, and on day one, we ride the Centennial trail for over 30 miles of cycling bliss. We arrive in Vancouver on a Saturday, and have the entire evening and next day to do as we please in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

BONUS: We finish the ride on one of the nights when Vancouver holds its 'Celebration of Light' international fireworks competition. Some years, we view the fireworks high atop the balcony of a nearby hotel in order to avoid the crowds. If you have never been to this event, I urge you to join us. The fireworks are out of this world. On Sunday, Vancouver holds their joyous Pride parade.

Bark Fooey is completely unsupported with the exception of one SAG wagon that will carry luggage to Bellingham, WA and to Vancouver, BC. All riders are responsible for getting themselves and their bikes back home. Additionally, all riders are responsible for their own meals.

The first Bark Fooey started in 2008.

Public Ride
Moderate (14-16 mph)
15+ miles
Frequent regroups

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