E Yesler Way & 12th Ave S
SE corner under the trees next to the Elementary school
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Everyday Rides Seattle Bike Everywhere Day Commute Station


May 20th is Bike Everywhere Day! As part of the celebration, folks will be hosting commute stations in the morning and evening all over town.

Come to the Everyday Rides Seattle station to learn about upcoming social rides and events happening in Seattle bike community! We’ll have a calendar of upcoming community rides and events as well as information about the many local cycling groups in Seattle. We’ll be available to recommend local groups and offer route advice as we can.

We’ll also be slinging breakfast treats (probably muffins) for those who stop by! Come relax and hang out a while!

Come chat with local bike nerds Zach (of Everyday Rides and Bike Insights) and Eva (framebuilder at Liberation Fab).

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  • Jessica M
    Jessica M

    when I click the map think it opens up google maps with the words "SE corner under the trees next to the Elementary school" in the search bar and doesn't actually pin the cross streets mentioned

  • Zach Hale
    Zach Hale

    Whoops, accidentally put the location details in the address field. 😅 Fixed!

  • Zach Hale
    Zach Hale

    Eva made a whole ton of shortbread and I'm making a bunch of vegan muffins! See y'all tomorrow.

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