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Bike Happy Hour #5!


5th time's the charm and we're on the move again.

Let's celebrate the first week of "summer" with a little soiree on the docks in Eastlake (IMO one of Seattle's underrated neighborhoods). We're going to shoot for Terry Pettus Park where we can look upon and romanticize living in Eastlake's adorable house boats.

Getting to the spot: it's pretty easy to find, coming from the north side, just cross the U Bridge and instead of heading up the hill to Cap Hill, you continue straight on Eastlake Blvd, and turn right down the hill after Zoo Tavern. A small grocery called Pete's Market at the bottom of the hill is a good option for picking up snacks or beverages. Terry Pettus park is just south along that road.

From the south, follow the Cheshiahud North where it turns into Fairview Ave E and you enter the residential part of the docks and Terry Pettus is on the south end of the dock neighborhood.

Ride from Free Range cycles: We'll lead a ride down to the spot from Free Range Cycles, meet 5:20ish, leaving at 5:30pm. We'll ride across the bridge to the Westlake Bike trail and take that around the bottom of the lake to our destination. https://ridewithgps.com/routes/39810629

Show up and leave whenever. BYOB.

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Jonathan McCurdy

Jonathan rides bikes and eats foods and is magnetically drawn to good times and hates working, unless there is a suitable reward at the end.

Jonathan McCurdy

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