Popcorn @ 6:30, Movie @ 7:00
Portage Bay Vista
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Bike Movie Monday - Pee-Wee's Big Adventure


A trial run of bike movies in the park before the seasons change. Bring a blanket, enjoy some free popcorn and Tim Burton's directorial debut, in a wacky retelling of The Bicycle Thief featuring Pee-Wee Herman.

The primary location is the plaza to the south-west of Hitchcock Hall. Bathrooms and food should be available at Agua Verde, as well as many other food options on the Ave.

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  • Jessica M

    is this really at portage bay vista park thing and not at fritz hedges? google maps makes it look like a road from the street view and I think it will be hard to find.

  • Jessica M

    maybe a pic from a screenshot of street view would be useful

  • Bob Schriver
    Bob Schriver

    Yes, it's at Portage Bay Vista southwest of Hitchcock Hall. I added an image from google maps with the exact location.

  • craig downing

    That was big rad. Thanks for enabling biking/hanging and snacking!!!! :)

  • Jessica M

    +1 to what craig said!

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