This is the one, the notorious, Dirty Chilly as charted by Rick Hauptman.
Start: Seattle to Bainbridge Ferry
Ride is a Loop
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Posted in Seattle
Good Weather Loves Rick Hauptman's Dirty Chilly



  1. Meet on the 8:55am Seattle to Bainbridge ferry to ride with the group. This is a public ride, meaning it is being thrown outside of the jurisdiction of the GW Fun Club. Obvs we will have a lot of Fun Club Friendlies in attendance, but it is open to any and all riders hoping to join.

This being said, this is not officially a Fun Club sanctioned ride. Individuals join at your discretion and are responsible for their own wellbeing throughout the duration of the ride.

  1. Please bring or download a copy of the route ( and review liner notes for answers to commonly held route questions.

  2. There is a quick opportunity to stop into the Town & Country Market for food and beverages after departure from the ferry. This store is found at Lynwood Center.

  3. After getting off the ferry, meet at Eagle Harbor Waterfront Park plaza across the street from the Bainbridge Island Senior Community Center, south of Town & Country Market.

  4. You are responsible for your own well being and safety, meaning there will not be specific ride leaders or organizations present to guide you through this ride. If you need to, reach out to sure to be knowledgeable riders about the route information or guidance.

Public Ride
15+ miles
Off-road (Significant unpaved sections)
Rain or shine

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