Kickstands up at 6:05pm
Start: Good Weather
1424 11th Ave, 98122
Inside the Chophouse alley
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Posted in Seattle


You’re invited to a fast and fun ride with A Cycling Team in collaboration with Good Weather’s Fun Club! If you’ve ever wanted to practice your group-riding skills, improve your drafting technique, or experience riding with a local team, this ride is for you!

This is open riders of all identities. Our team mascot is a cat, and even dog lovers are welcome!

Kickstands up at 6:05pm. Please be at Good Weather before then!

The Route:

What you can expect: ~15mph no-drop pace from Good Weather to Mercer Island ~20mph pace along Mercer Island. There will be a two regroups on the east and west sides of Mercer Island A final regroup at the i90 lid after crossing the i90 bridge

What is expected of you: Group riding best practices: helmet, no headphones/speakers Equipment: road bike with drop handlebars, no electric bikes Comfortable biking in a paceline

More information about A Cycling Team:

Public Ride
Strenuous (20-22 mph)
15+ miles
Rolling (Climbs are short and easy, not too numerous)
Occasional regroups
Xiaohan Zhang

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