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I-90 Lid (map)

Freshness is key to a plant based diet! Starting at the I-90 lid, we'll kick off with THE Newcastle Long Green Noodle, soak in the May Creek Special Sauce (singletrack). We'll add some sweet dapple to the dip of the Honeydew Creek before farting across Renton/Maplewood. From where we get... read more

Public Ride
Steady (12-14 mph)
Meet at Back Alley Bike Repair 9am, roll out 9:15
Start: Back Alley Bike Repair
314 1st Ave S, in the alley
roll out 9:15am SHArP
Open Map
End: Breezy Town Pizza
Beacon Hill
pizza & beer optional
Open Map
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Tasty Little Ride Series 2023.2 - Hot Potato of Doom


roll from Back Alley Bike Repair to some sweet West Seattle cold cuts, smoked Salmon Creek & Seahurst Park Dark Chocolate, S. Seataco singletrax, BRT snack time before optional Tape (Gummy) Worm loop, Lake Ridge Ripple Potato Chips, Joint Chiefs of Sealth Trail - End @ Breezy Town Pizza. Will regroup at several spots along the way. BYO ride snacks and supplies etc, but let’s keep it rolling.

“It won’t be fast enough or slow enough for you”

Who's holding the Hot Potato of Doom now?

Public Ride
Adults only (21+) (drinking or other adult activities (nudity, etc))
Steady (12-14 mph)
15+ miles
Some hills (A few short, steep hills, some moderate upgrades and/or longer gentle climbs)
Occasional regroups

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  • Benjamin Rainbow

    ASJ will be coming aboard the ferry, scheduled to arrive 9:15, so we’ll roll shortly after. Which may bode well, the Breezy Town Pizza doesn’t open until 4pm. SO, as we roll, there may be an audible end spot/Chucks/tbd if we make good time 🤙🏽

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