MattyMattMatt Setter

MattyMattMatt Setter

Seattle, Washington, United States

I ride and I'm tall. Mostly road riding with some gravel thrown in until my hands or my butt hurt. I commute. Me and my bike are heavy, so I'm slow up hills. Though slow I can ride forever. Beers and bikes are meant to be.

Every year, I lead as many idiots up to Canada as I can for the Festival of Lights and the Pride parade (barkfooey). Covid has required the ride to find alternative routes the last two years but the ride continues.

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    MattyMattMatt Setter
    MattyMattMatt Setter

    Bark Fooey is a social two day ride from Seattle, WA to Vancouver, BC, with an overnight stay in Bellingham, WA. Total mileage is 100 miles the first day and 75 miles the second day. It is mostly flat with a few random hills thrown in for fun. Our... read more

    Moderate (14-16 mph)
    15+ miles
    Frequent regroups
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